With the name Tormenta FC, it was our job to create an identity that captures the energy of the thunderstorms that frequent the Southern Georgia region. These storms strike the coast of Georgia with their wind, rain, and lightning to devastating effect. The perfect analogy for a squad striking their opponents on the pitch.


The clouds, lighting, and wave imagery provided a setting for the brand, but we wanted to ground the iconography of the brand in something more tangible. We were told that when a tormenta is on its way, that birds, and in particular the iconic white egret, will flee the coast. We loved the idea of tying the brand to this grim reaper-esque harbinger of chaos and power descending on the South East.


With the vivid imagery of white egrets, storm clouds, and tumultuous seas to draw from, we cracked open our sketchbooks and started conceptualizing.

We call this first round of sketches a “shotgun approach” and our goal is to cover a broad landscape of compositions and ideas. With this identity, we especially focused on different ways to render our intrepid hero, the white egret. Everything from character-driven concepts, minor league-style logos, and a broad variation of abstractions.

You can see that the final set of logos incorporate design and storytelling elements from a variety of sketch concepts.


The marks incorporate all the most dynamic storytelling elements from the conceptualization sketches. In each logo, the white heron is kept front-and-center while the clouds and stormy seas loom ominously in the background.

The final family of marks incorporate a broad variety of options for the club to utilize. Our philosophy is that the “Club Crest” should be used more often than other marks in the family, but that the supporting marks are what keep the brand fresh in years three and four, they offer variety of merchandising options, and they allow your staff to experiment and get creative with how they apply the marks to everything from digital applications, signage, and kits.

We also provided the team with a Custom Club Font so that no matter what the team decided to write, it always felt on-brand.


With the Tormenta FC brand identity built around a strong character like the white egret, we knew we needed a fun energetic mascot to physically represent the team in the stands and out in the community. The mascot we designed is athletic and reflects the energetic nature of the brand while remaining approachable for fans of all ages.


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