Designing the brand for the Reno 1868 FC started with a survey of Reno’s rich geography, history, and architecture. Reno rests at the foot of the Sierra Mountains, a short distance from Tahoe and some of the finest skiing in the world. Unlike its bigger sister, Las Vegas, Reno adds a touch of the old West to its visual vocabulary with a vibrant gold and silver mining history. And, as a cherry on top, Reno’s architecture and neon signage that adorn the downtown casinos round out Reno’s vibrant design history.


Normally, we begin the identity design process with pencil sketches, but every once in a while, we feel inspired to mix it up. We don’t believe in formulas, we believe in process. And the process should be inspired by the needs of each project. So when it came to designing the Reno 1868 FC brand, we felt inspired to try something new.

We started at our computers, mixing and matching some of our favorite visual elements that we uncovered during our research, like the torch and octagon designs for the original Reno sign. The result was a varied collection of crest concepts. 


The final refinement of the shield focused on the Truckee River that cuts through the heart of downtown Reno. Topped off with the Sierra Mountains and a custom font designed to incorporate elements of frontier packaging, mid-century architecture, and contemporary technology. The final logos colors were chosen by the supporters and inspired by the Nevada State flag.


Building a successful brand doesn’t stop at launching the identity. With Brandiose’s Back Stage Pass program, franchises can continue to design a vibrant and immersive fan experience for your supporters. You’re going to need game day programs, pocket schedules and much, much more.


Instead of relying on a third party to design everything, which is expensive and inefficient, we created a kit of backgrounds, borders, icons, mascot artwork, and fonts that your internal graphic designer can use to quickly and beautifully design all your franchise’s collateral. 


Carrying your brand design into the stadium is an important task. Creating a vibrant, festive venue for your club’s supporters can set the tone for the entire match. For Reno, we designed bold banners, decor elements, and even a theme park-style stadium map to help supporters find their way to all that the Reno 1868 FC venue has to offer. 


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