We’re thrilled to announce we’re changing the face of Plan B Branding with a new name! Our new name signals a new era in doing whatever it takes to make your brand famous. To make it larger than life. To make it “Brandiose” (pronounced Bran-dee-ose).

Our clubs can expect the same Jason & Casey imagination and service, direct contact and way of doing business you love. We’ve simply reinvented our name.

Why the name change?

Plan B was a fitting name when we started the company out of our college dorm rooms. For sports teams with a dated look who wanted to go a new direction, we could be their “Plan B.” The name worked then, but it’s become less representative of who we’ve become today.

Why the name Brandiose? What does the name mean?

Brandiose embodies the goal we set in our college dorm rooms a decade ago - to make your brand famous, larger than life, and “Brandiose.” Because inventing new things is in our DNA, crafting a whole new word was best.

Are Jason & Casey still running the show?

Absolutely! We’re still the same best friends since kindergarden, providing the same imaginative ideas and rockstar treatment. We’re simply reinventing the company name.

Will this impact the company experience?

Not at all. We’re keeping everything we’re known for—the ‘can-do’ attitude, authentic storytelling, and trying new things. In fact, it’s the mark of exciting new things we’re bringing to the Brandiose experience. Things like brilliant new ways to collaborate Backstage, new tools to connect with fans, and Behind the Scenes tours of the innovative things we’re imagining with other clubs.

What else is changing?
That’s it, just our name, website and email addresses.

Explore our new site at by closing this window.

Let's Make Your Brand Famous.

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